Auditorium – awesome flash game

I stumbled across a flash game called Auditorium last night. It is an awesome game, combining physics, particles and music to make an addictive puzzle game.

The graphics are fantastic, each completed level looks like a living bit of abstract art. The first few levels (called acts) are available for free. I’m really tempted to shell out the $10 to get access to all 15 acts (about 70 levels).

Click here to play or click here for more info on the game play

My first t-shirt

I came across this t-shirt site a few months ago called Threadless, not only do they have some very cool T-shirt designs but they are all user created.

The idea is that you design a T-shirt, upload the design and if it gets lots of votes then its gets printed! Better yet if you design gets chosen for printing then you get $2000 cash and $500 of vouchers.

So since it is a bit rainy today, I created my first t-shirt design and submitted it.

_[Updated]: alas my design got bounced back as needing some tweaking so it is now in critique mode. Check it out and let me know what you think: