I made a light tent

Blue lego block So I wanted to take some close up photos of some Lego blocks (don’t ask) and I wanted them to be on a clean white background like you see in swanky product shots.

After doing some digging around on the web it turns out that what I wanted was a light tent which would allow me to take nicely lit macro shots of items on a “horizon-less” white background.

After some further digging I turned up a number of links on how to build your own light tent which would work just as well as a bought one! This appealed to me since I’m a cheapskate :)

This link: http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/how-to-make-a-inexpensive-light-tent/ seemed to provide the best set of instructions and had some very nice end result pictures. Digging through all the junk in my garage for about 20 minutes turned up all the bits and pieces I needed and after another 30 minutes or so of cutting and gluing, I had my light tent (or more accurately my light box).

The only dampener on the proceedings is that I have skillfully put my mini-tripod somewhere “safe” and I now cannot find it :(

Balancing the lamp on top of the box, I turned on my camera and furiously took pictures of every small item on my desk using my S7000’s macro mode. The images looked great on the camera’s tiny LCD but when transferred to my PC the levels were all wrong and no amount of tinkering with photoshop (with my feeble photoshop-fu) seemed to fix them.

Going back to the web it turns out that I need to set up the white balance for my camera. I did this but still wasn’t getting quite the effect what I was after.  I believe that my problem is that the lamp I am using is not putting out a particularly strong nor white light.

In the end I set my camera to take RAW images and then manipulated the heck out of the images in photoshop to get what I was after. I’m very pleased with the results, here are some pics of the light box and some of the Lego blocks:

Picture of light box

Closeup of light box

Blue lego block

Random blocks

A stack of blocks