SvnViz 1.0.0 Released

Finally got off my butt and packaged up version 1.0.0 of SvnViz. It can be downloaded from sourceforge.

SvnViz builds visualizations of the activity within a Subversion repository. Here is an example of the default visualization run against the project that I am currently working on. Green dots indicate file adds, blue dots are modified files and red dots are deleted files. The greater the activity of the user the higher their score.

YouTube Preview Image

SvnViz also provides a framework for creating your own visualizations. Simply extend the FrameViz class and implement the generateFrame method. To run your vizualization class, instead of the default class, just pass the fully qualified name of your class to the application using the -vc parameter.

Source files can be downloaded from here. All code is released under the GPL.

Have fun and drop me a line if you come up with an interesting visualization.