Hacking Interview on Radio Hauraki

Last Friday I got to do live radio for the first time! Since I didn’t come across as a complete idiot I thought I’d share the clip with everyone. The subject was hacking and the clip was recorded during the breakfast show on Radio Hauraki.

Unfortunately I miss-heard the question about the Whaleoil hack and landing up talking about the likely attack vector for The Fappening (the August 2014 celebrity photo leaks)… the perils of live radio I guess :)

BTW the tool I was referring to was called ibrute and it took advantage of an issue with Apple’s find my phone service which, did not lock out accounts if successive incorrect passwords were entered. The application simply tries a bunch of common passwords for a list of email addresses you give it and reports back on the ones that worked.

The passwords that the tool uses where the 500 most common ones used by users of the RockYou website that was hacked (the details of around 32 million accounts were stolen). If your password is on this list you should really go and change it right now! And of course never, ever use the same password on different sites. Here is a handy way to come up with unique but easy to remember passwords.