Paper ship markers for Rogue Trader

I've just started GMing the Rogue Trader game (from Fantasy Flight Games) with my regular gaming group and I realised, I needed some way of tracking ships.

Now ideally I'd love to have some Battlefleet Gothic models out on the table but apart from the expense, I do not want to freak out the newbie (and female) players in the group by plonking down some "toy" spaceships.

So I went in search of some paper markers that I could print out and use. Alas I did not find any,  so I decided to whip some up for myself…

And so I present Rabidgremlin's Tactical Ship Markers. These markers are designed to be printed, cut out, folded and glued together. They come in 3 handy colours: red for enemy ships, blue for neutral and green for friendly.

I got a little carried away and even made them 3D (and perhaps in doing so, have risen to new levels of nerdom).

Here is a pic of an assembled marker.

And here is the PDF of the markers, that you can download and print out: Tactical-Ship-Markers-Coloured-v0.1.pdf

I used standard office 80g paper and they work ok but you might want to use something stiffer.

For those of you who are interested, I used Inkscape to create the markers. Inkscape is a fantastic, open source, vector graphics editor.