More on section 92

This is a bit of a WTF. TV3 news has quoted someone from the Ministry of Economic Development saying that the reason for section 92 is that it is too difficult to identify any particular user and that given the number of users it is too expensive and time consuming to take them to court.

WTF? If it is too difficult to identify a particular user how on earth is section 92 going to actually work? Someone obviously has no clue.

Here is the full quote:

_“While copyright owners can take legal action against those Internet users engaging in infringing peer to peer file-sharing, it is difficult for them to identify any particular user. In addition, they would then have to take the users to court.”

“Given the number of users, this would be time consuming and expensive. Section 92A is intended to provide a framework for dealing with infringing P2P file-sharing that has sufficient flexibility to allow ISPs to develop policies that take account of their particular circumstances,” said Emilia Mazur of the MED.