mPass is live !

_Update: If you are having issues with mPass then please send email to The nice folk at Air New Zealand will be happy to help you :)_

I’m quite pleased with this bit of work: mPass allows you to download your boarding passes for Air New Zealand flights onto your mobile phone. It generates a bar code that you can then scan at their kiosks to check-in or at the gates to board. Pretty cool if I must say so my self.  Its all part of Air New Zealands new domestic travelling experience.

If you want to download mPass then visit using your web browser on your mobile phone and click on the “Download mPass” link.

Here are some screen shots of the application running that captured off my Nokia N73:

Also if you are at the airport and use the new gates try and get a look-see at the application with all the pretty coloured cells (which show the status of passengers on a flight) that is attached to the gate, I worked on that one too :)

If you are an Airpoints member then check out this was put together by some of my team mates. It gives you instant access to your bookings, airpoints info, weather, news, arrivals and departure times, events and much more.