G1 the first Google Android released

With heavy guitar music and much fanfare the first Google Android handset has been released by T-Mobile.

The device looks pretty nice (but not iPhone sexy) and has a ton of features. It will go on sale on the 22 October and retail for $179 US.

Initial reviews are mixed but I suspect that this New York Times article hits close to the truth:

“If the HTC’s new G1 cellphone, featuring Google’s Android software, were introduced two years ago, jaws would drop. But Apple’s iPhone already won the wows that go to the first small phone that is truly good at Web browsing.”


“my initial take is that the G1 is the PC to the iPhone’s Macintosh…“

Playing with the Android emulator I always suspected that that last quote would be true, still it will be interesting to see how it all goes on the 22nd.

Also released is the final 1.0 SDK and a hint that the beta Android Market will go live on the 22nd when the G1 goes on sale. Guess I’ll have to get cracking with finishing off Bubbles!

Update: Gizmoda has a very good hands on review of the G1 with lots of pictures and video. Check it out.