Birthday Goodies

Wow I certainly scored a lot of great birthday goodies this year. I’m very impressed with my reticulating saw, sonic tape measure and carpenter’s pencils (real man’s pencils, you need to sharpen them with a knife).

My sisters-in-law made me this fantastic pac-man cake:

Pac-man Birthday cake

I was also given a cool mini Bluetooth based keyboard for my media center. Its a Logitech diNovo Mini, it has a full keyboard a bunch of special function keys and a track pad. Very cool and very very tiny.

diNovo Mini

Currently the keyboard works fine with Ubuntu but the track pad doesn’t. Apparently Ubuntu doesn’t like the USB Bluetooth dongle that ships with the diNovo but will work with others. I have one at work that I will try out and see how it goes.

My folks bought me a one hour session in a real flight simulator for 737-800 which is awesome

All these presents and a long weekend, what more could I want.