Bubbles! – My Google Android Developer Challenge Entry

Google Android Developer Challenge LogoWell working into the wee hours of the morning I finally finished off my Google Android Developer Challenge entry.

Bubbles! allows you to create a pop (point of presence) that is ‘broadcasted’ from your phone. Other Bubbles! users in close proximity (about 50m) get to see your pop and you get see theirs. Of course as you move around so does your pop.

A pop is anonymous and consists of a message and a nick name that you choose for yourself.

Bubbles! Screenshots

I was going to implement a feature whereby you could tie a pop to a location. This would allow you to attach messages to a point in space for other users to see. Unfortunately I ran out of time but its next on my list to build.

Here are a few screenshots so you can see Bubbles! in action (click to see them full sized)

I’m also thinking of including the ability to see the history of pops for another user and perhaps even the ability to initiate a chat session with another Bubbles! user. Maybe even overlay the pops unto a MapView (which would hook into Google Maps) .

Of course if I get into the top 50 for the first round of the challenge I’ll have some money to invest into more development. We’ll have to see how I go but here’s hoping.