cool design site

Found this very nice “design” site called Its tag line is ideas+aesthetics+amusement and its interesting picture oriented layout and content certainly does just that.

It covers art, architecture, websites, advertising and the like, I always seem to be able to find something of interest here.

For example today’s links includes:

Pi10k – This experiment attempts to convert the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence. you pick the scale or ten notes of your choice and watch it go.

Stop motion Gmail – To promote in Russia Gmail, Google along with the agency Saatchi & Saatchi, manually created a giant gmail interface in stop motion.

Oslo Opera House – Construction progress of the new Oslo Opera House by Snoetta Architects. The project is based on slopes, converting the roof in a massive public space.

Staircase bookcase – A cool staircase combined with a bookcase design for a small apartment.

Check it out.