Free Sci-fi Books

I’m forever running out of books to read and never quite make it to the library so my interest was piqued when my friend Tim told me about a website you could download free sci-fi from.

I was thrilled when I visited the site and found that the books were from authors I knew because to be honest, many free books are not really that good.

The Baen Free Library is fantastic, it contains a large number of free books from the Baen catalog. The site is a little hard to navigate so this link will take you straight to the download pages (hosted on another site).

I would highly recommend:

  • The Honor Harrington series by David Weber
  • The Legacy of the Alldenata series by John Ringo (very hardcore sci-fi military, so be warned)
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • Andre Norton
  • Mercedes Lackey

The books come in a variety of formats, HTML, RTF etc. I have found that downloading the RTF format and then using OpenOffice to generate a PDF works really well.

If you are not using OpenOffice then download PDFCreator and you will be able to generate a PDF from Word by printing to the PDFCreator “printer” that the software installs…

Apart from the free books, you can also purchase other books in the Baen catalog from the site and get them in electronic form, quite a bit cheaper then buying the paperbacks.

The following is the currently list of authors with free books:

  • Aaron Allston
  • Andre Norton
  • Christopher Anvil
  • Catherine Asaro
  • Lois McMaster Bujold
  • John F. Carr
  • Paul Chafe
  • Rick Cook
  • John Dalmas
  • David Drake
  • Rosemary Edghill
  • Linda Evans
  • Eric Flint
  • Michael Flynn
  • Dave Freer
  • Mark A. Garland
  • Scott Gier
  • Roland Green
  • Ellen Guon
  • James P. Hogan
  • Sarah Hoyt
  • Karen Koehler
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • Keith Laumer
  • Murray Leinster
  • Holly Lisle
  • Duncan Long
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • Howard L. Myers
  • Charles G. McGraw
  • Larry Niven
  • Jerry Pournelle
  • John Ringo
  • Richard Roach
  • Fred Saberhagen
  • James H. Schmitz
  • Ryk Spoor
  • D. W. St. John
  • Harry Turtledove
  • Lars Walker
  • David Weber
  • K. D. Wentworth
  • Michael Z. Williamson

Happy reading…