My new favourite power tool… the water blaster

I borrowed a water blaster from my in-laws to clean off a fence, figured it would be messy and tedious but truth be told I love it.

Just point and shoot and all the dirt and grime just vaporise, it is endless fun (even if it is wet and messy).

Found an awful lot of interesting spiders and bugs too. Even some really big (and ugly) wetas, had to be careful not to vaporise them as they are protected, but the spiders were fair game (I don’t like spiders).

It is also very effective, just check out this picture:

Partially water blastered fence

The bit on the right has been freshly water blastered, the bit on the left is still to be done.

Each fence section took about 20 minutes to complete and I’m giving the wood a few days to dry out before I stain the fence. We will see how it goes.

Now I’m eyeing up what else I can blast, I have a couple of other fences, a concrete driveway and the house itself…. think I’m going to enjoy myself !